Memento Mori (Haunted New Orleans, #1)

My Madness Level : OK Madness

How much of a Madness : I enjoyed it .

What brings the Madness :

  • The creepy story. A creepy serial-killer story with ritualistic murder always a terrifying read for me.
  • Lots of supects. I love how the author throws suspects and doubts here and there that keeps me guessing who is the killer.
  • Perfect vibe for Halloween with ghosts, ghost hunter, Vodou Houngan, and witch and it set in New Orleans.
  • Lovable characters, lots of character with their own magic that trully amaze me.

What Madness I don’t like : 

  • The insta-love, although it’s cute and sweet, I’m not a big fan of it.
  • The pace, it’s like going two hundreds miles per hour, some parts felt like a fast forward, so it felt like there’s no time to let the feelings and the suspense really set in, if it makes any sense, well at least for me it is.
  • The steaminess also a bit bothering for me, although it’s so hot and super sexy and usually I’m okay with it but here it’s too much for me, maybe because I wish there’s more suspense and thriller.

Level of this Madness Recommendation : if you’re looking a paranormal suspense read, you should try this book.

Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb :

Remember, you must die.

Spurred on by her mother’s need for the family’s 
fifteen minutes of fame, 
jaded skeptic Hanlen Arbor returns to her hometown, 
the root of her past terror, 
only to be thrust into a new nightmare. 
Someone is murdering the good people of the city 
in a macabre scene of blood and ritual.

When Hanlen gets pulled into the mystery, 
she’s not prepared for what she finds or the dangers 
that await her in the bayou. 
And she’s certainly not ready for the handsome-as-sin 
man whom she’s forced to put her faith in.

Ghost hunter and Vodou Houngan Deveraux Glapion 
has seen a lot and dealt with more as 
the descendant of one of the most well-known people 
of New Orleans. 
When the intriguing and somewhat-broken caretaker of his 
TV show’s latest location comes to town, 
he’s thrown for a loop, 
the likes of which he’s never experienced before.

And that’s just the beginning. 
Because evil is afoot in New Orleans, 
and he may be the only one who can stop it—but only 
if he can get Hanlen to trust him 
and believe in things that most people think 
are merely ghost stories.


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