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Hallows End (The Curse of The Blood Moon #1)

My Madness Level : Strong Madness

How much of a Madness : This is the season of the witch, so I’m super excited and devour it short time.

What brings the Madness :

  • All the witches things, spells, potions, crystals and all. Love those witchy atmosphere, magic everywhere. It’s just so perfect for halloween read.
  • The romance, I love the soul mate trope, love that match made in heaven stuff, it’s just soooo cute, sweet and adorable.
  • The mystery of the curses. The mystery got me on the edge of my feet. The danger of the curse, then add the creepy evil creature and bad evil magic it made this book an unputdownable one.
  • The banter between three cousins and their men. I loveeee them all, they made me laugh and the love and sparks between each couple is superb. They put a big smile on my face.
  • The coven, love when all the witches fight the evil spirit together, love the action, love casting spells together, it makes me want to be a member.
  • The steaminess, hell yeah, this one had it and I love it.

What Madness I don’t like : well this one is the first book so there’s so many things unanswered and it kinda rushed at the end, but still super entertaining.

Level of this Madness Recommendation : it’s a fast-paced easy-to-read entertaining paranormal romance, so yeah totally recommended.

Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb :

Returning to her beloved home of Salem after a trip away, 
Lucy Finch can’t shake the feeling of anxiety that suddenly 
plagues her. Nor can she shrug off her third eye’s 
urging that she has a mission she must undertake—
a secret she must uncover.

As a green witch, 
Lucy has always felt strongest and the most at home 
in the forest, surrounded by nature. 
But when a disturbing dream wakes her and 
sends her fleeing into the woods, 
she isn’t prepared for what she finds. 
She expected her element. 
Perhaps a message from spirit. 
She didn’t expect to cross paths with a sexy-as-sin man, 
straight out of a movie scene.

Jonas Morley isn’t like the other residents of Hallows End. 
He knows the town’s secrets, as well as Salem’s, 
and it has been his honor and 
duty to protect them for as long as he can remember. 
But the gorgeous witch who graces the town’s hidden border 
shakes him and makes him second-guess his directive. 
She calls to him like no other. 
But can he save his home and those under his care and 
still make her his? Or will their union mean danger and 
destruction for not only them but also those who live within 
the town’s borders?

Curses don’t discriminate, 
and the curse of the blood moon is the most determined 
and dangerous of all.

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