Itsy Bitsy Spider (Psychic Visions #13)

My Madness Level : Crazy Madness

How much of a Madness :  I’m an emotional wreck through out this book. Some parts got me ugly cry, my eyes so puffed up the next morning.

What bring the Madness :

  • All the feelings this book bring. I can feel all the struggles and pains. Just imagine someone take away the only thing that makes you sane, someone takeaway the only happiness you have left, and she’s on her own, she’s so alone, GOD my heart hurts with Queenie.
  • The Spiders. Even though those spiders got me cringe, I’m still in awe with those little critters.
  • The psychic phenomenon.
  • The mystery.
  • The thrill of trying to be one step ahead from the bad guy.
  • The love of a mother to her child (how she never and won’t give up to protect her son)
  • The love between Queenie and Kirk

What Madness I don’t like :  None

Level of this Madness Recommendation : READ…READ…READ THIS BOOK, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK.

Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb : 

Queenie Landry’s job as a fortune teller at an amusement park pays the bills but it’s a far cry from the respectable psychic advisor role she once filled at the police station where the love of her life, Kirk Wallace, was a detective. A case went bad when she steered the team in the wrong direction and a woman died. Queenie experienced a horrific crisis of faith in her own abilities and pushed everyone away.

Nine months later, alone and denying her psychic gift, she gives birth to a son and feels redeemed. But a happily-ever-after isn’t to be. Following a severe illness, Queenie wakes up eighteen months later only to be told her son died. Unable to handle her grief, she opens herself once more to her abilities, desperate to connect with her child. Resigned to telling fortunes at the park, she’s stunned when a man walks into her tent and she sees a vision of a woman he’s murdered. She realizes she has to contact Kirk again.

Kirk left under duress. Though he regrets his decision, he’s never forgotten Queenie or found anyone to replace her. Having to be the one to tell her about her son’s death all but destroyed him because he knew it would unhinge her and he isn’t sure how she’ll ever find stability again.

Unknown to either of them, someone has been watching her for a long time, someone who likes to play games with other people’s lives–as he has Queenie’s. But even he’s confused by the creepy spiders amassing all around her. What message are they trying to convey to her that she’s stubbornly refused to hear…and what price will she have to pay if she fails?

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