A sizzling, squirming, thought-provoking story of female growth.” 

– Caroline Kepnes, New York Times bestselling author 

Tell Me Everything, a provocative do-not-miss novel from author Amy Hatvany, is coming November 5th, and we have the gorgeous cover!

A happily married couple. A dance with a stranger at a bar.

One night—one seemingly insignificant choice—can change everything.

Jessica and Jake Snyder love each other, and their life together. Successful in their chosen careers, they reside in the picturesque, though at times stifling, Seattle suburb of Queens Ridge as they parent teenagers Ella and Tucker.

As so often happens in marriage, their romantic life falls casualty to busy schedules and repetitive routine, until one night, a stranger asks Jessica to dance. On a whim, Jake urges her to say yes, saying that he wants to watch this other man touch her, something that surprises Jessica by arousing her like never before. A door opens for them then, into a realm of exploration neither of them knew existed.

They create rules to protect their marriage, and are thrilled when their relationship is strengthened and enriched by deeper levels of communication and trust brought about by this exciting, but taboo behavior. That is, until Jessica keeps a secret from Jake and embarks on a tryst with an intriguing man from her past, who, when she tries to end things between them, decides to seek revenge.

What happens after that will threaten to destroy their world—and them.
A juicy and insightful look into the shifting definition of modern marriage and the limits placed upon female sexuality, TELL ME EVERYTHING will make you question everything you thought you knew about what constitutes marital bliss, and keep you turning pages into the night.

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