Shadows (Bayou Magic #1)

My Madness Level : Crazy Madness

How much of a Madness :  Once I start I just can’t stop.

What brings the Madness :

  • It has an amazing story, a perfect portions of horror, suspense, thriller and sweetness, keep me on edge the whole time, but still make me smile with all those sweetness.
  • Loveable main characters, a witch and an FBI agent, yup they’re so different yet so perfect for each other, love this couple a lot.
  • All those hocus pocus paranormal and magic things, it’s creepy but still amaze me.
  • Everything…I just love everything,

What Madness I don’t like :  Cash’s reactions after he heard about his mom, I felt it’s kind of uncaring.


Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb : 

From New York Times Bestselling Author, Kristen Proby, comes an all new paranormal romance set in the mystical city of New Orleans… 

I am never alone. Not even when I am alone. 
I see the unquiet dead, the souls that wander through the French Quarter. 
They can’t move on, and I can’t stop seeing them. 
I wear malachite for protection, and I control what I let in. It’s the only way to stay sane. Everything changes the day Cassian Winslow joins my ghost walking tour and knocks my world off its axis with green eyes the color of the stone around my neck. 
An unspeakable evil is loose in New Orleans, taking young women and leaving a bloodbath in his wake. More shadows lurking for me. More unhappy dead. There might be a way to stop it. 
Open myself up to Cassian. 
If I do, it could spell his death. 
But if I don’t, it’s mine. 

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