Happy New Year 2020!!! Happy New Year 2020!!! Happy New Year 2020!!! 

Yup it’s 2020, it’s my year, so let’s bring all the positive vibes to 2020.

It’s been a year since I reactivated my blog, I’m so glad and so happy that I survived and not losing my interest and excitement with this book blog. It’s not a perfect blog yet, lots of ups and downs and trials and errors through 2019, so it’s time to be better, time for resolutions, I know..I know..I know some maybe think that resolutions is a meh, things that we will forget on the next day, but hey, like I said, let’s bring all the positive vibes, I believe when we set a goal, and put minds into it, it’ll be come true, new year, new twelve months, new fifty two weeks, new three hundreds and sixty five days to do what I want to do, to fill all with only happiness and joy, to write everything that I want to write. So 2020, let’s do this!!!


My 2020 Resolutions:

  • Read more suspense romance
  • Review books that I have read (even tough it’s not a new book)
  • Read more paperbacks on my bookshelves (I will tackle those TBR list)
  • Read more e-books on my kindle (Another never ending TBR list that I need to tackle)
  • Not letting new release distract me (It’s hard but I’ll do my best)
  • Less arcs (it’s super hard to ignore arcs but don’t worry I will still do all the promo)
  • Write more in this book blog, old books, random madness, new books, promos, yup everything

Yesssss that’s it hopefully you guys will love this blog more and more, and hopefully you guys have a wonderful 2020, we got this, 2020 is going to be awesome.





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