Wrong Turn (ROAD TRIPPING #2)

My Madness Level : Crazy Madness

How much of a Madness :  I devoured this book in just few hours.

What brings the Madness :

  • It’s cute, sweet, full of love and laughters.
  • It’s packed with drama.
  • It’s a fun fast-paced enemy to lovers romance read, the idea of a road trip with your enemy is just so catching and entertaining,
  • The characters, I loveeeee Chelsea and Drew, I adore this couple, I can feel the sparks and the fire between them and the fighting and arguing is so fiery I can feel the frustrations and anger, they’re just so cute.

What Madness I don’t like :  NONE.

Level of this Madness Recommendation : A MUST-READ BOOK for ROM-COM LOVERS.

Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb :

Chelsea Cooper thinks her best friend’s fiancé is the world’s biggest jerk.

She’s never really been one to make waves, but when it comes to that guy, Chelsea’s willing to make an exception. There’s just no way she can let her best friend make the biggest mistake of her life by marrying him. She’ll do anything to stop the wedding, even if it means teaming up with the one person who’s an even bigger jerk — the groom-to-be’s best friend.

Drew Russo thinks his best friend’s fiancée’s best friend is the prickliest woman alive.

Everything about Chelsea aggravates him. She’s too structured, too uptight, and too opinionated — especially when it comes to her thoughts on his best friend. When he’s tasked with keeping her away from their best friends’ secret wedding, Drew knows he’s in for one hell of a challenge. Never mind the days he’ll have to spend trapped in a car with the world’s most annoying woman.

The plan is simple enough — keep Chelsea from interfering with the wedding. But between distractions, delays and detours, they discover they aren’t the enemies they thought they were. And sometimes a wrong turn can lead you in the right direction.

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