Well, I guess you all know what is going on in this world today, all these craziness and ugliness out there, makes me glad I have books to run away from this reality.

Sometimes we need Fantasy to survive Reality.

– unknownsource


As a bookaddict I feel blessed in this crazy time, because reading is my coping mechanism. #stayathome is a easy peasy, I’m a master at it, with millions book for me to be lost into, I would never get bored, even before this happen, I’d always rather be home reading (except going out with my bestie, I always have time fo my bestie). #socialdistancing ha! it’s totally my forte.

So yeah, I really count my blessing and trying not to complaining or to whining a lot and trying not to worry a lot, because when the worries kicks in, it’ll be straight down on a rabbit hole and then the anxiety will devoured me, and with this super scary, terrifying uncertainty future, I will suddenly lose hope and drive myself crazy, so… again I feel very blessed I have a happy place to hide from all this madness, a fiction world to run into, because I know some don’t have this kinda luxury, so here some tips for you all, if you want to try to read to keep your mind out of the madness:

  • go to any online book stores you are using, or if you don’t have any, try amazon, kobo, google play, ibook, anything, and then seach anything free, or the sale or discount sections, look something that catch your eyes, or something that piqued your curiosity from the title or the blurb, wether is erotic, comedy, romance, mystery, self-improvement, novella, comic, manga, anything, go for it.
  • start reading, just one page a time, start with one chapter, and if you want to cheat and go straight to the epilogue, go for it, it’ll make you curious what happen in between.
  • make yourself comfortable while reading, prepare your snacks, beverages. blankets, or if you’re busy working, just read whenever you have a spare moment, one page on a lunch break, one page when you’re feeling weary or tired.
  • find a book buddy, try goodreads, you will find many book buddies there, many book clubs to join to, so you will have someone to talk about the book, to rant, to admire, anything, everything.
  • keep reading…just keep reading, but if you find it’s not working, that reading it’s not for you, find another happy things to do, anything that keeps your mind off this crazy time, at least you tried and that’s good.

As a bookaddict I just want everyone to be a bookaddict too hahahaha, I just want everyone to feel the happiness, the excitement, and everything that really consume and pull me inside the fiction world.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

– Mason Cooley


Yes this is another random madness from jumbled mind of a bookaddict in this uncertainty world, in this #newnormal.

So #HappyReading guys !!!
#StaySafe #StayAtHome #StayHealthy

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