Settling An Old Score

My Madness Level : Strong Madness

How much of a Madness :  I skipped my bed time for this book.

What brings the Madness :

  • The Story, it’s a fast-paced suspense romance spiced up with enemies-to-lovers and second-chance romance, yups sounds complex and I love it, it has a perfect amount of suspense and romance.
  • The Characters, love their inner turmoil because of their tragic past, but still they still have that sparks and there’s no denying that they’re perfect for each other and meant to be together.
  • The Twist, love when an author throw me for a loop, I keep guessing who’s the real bad guy till the end.
  • It’s a part of the Longview Ridge Ranch series but can read as a standalone.

What Madness I don’t like :  I felt a bit rushed at the end.


Where to buy this Madness :

My Madness Review : Goodreads

The Blurb :

From USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen, 
comes the next instalment of the Longview Ridge Ranch series 
featuring no-nonsense cowboy brothers in law enforcement.

A past tragedy destroyed their love. 
A vulnerable newborn brings them back together.

Within moments of discovering a baby on his doorstep, 
Texas Ranger Eli Slater finds himself being held at gunpoint by his ex, 
Ashlyn Darrow. She claims she was tipped off 
that the still-gorgeous cowboy kidnapped her newly adopted daughter 
because of the bad blood that defines their past. 
They quickly realize Eli’s been set up and now Eli is determined 
to protect Ashlyn and her daughter. 
But regaining her trust will be as easy as ignoring the attraction 
even a lifetime apart can’t erase…




Ashlyn knew it would take more luck to pin Dominick down on that. Especially if he had in-deed hired those gunmen.

As soon as Kellan walked out, Eli took hold of her hand and moved her out of the doorway. Out of view from the windows, too. She hadn’t needed a reminder of the danger, but that gave her one any-way.

“There are too many puzzle pieces,” she said. “In the meantime, you and I—maybe Cora, too—are in the crosshairs of a killer.”

He didn’t argue with her. Couldn’t. Because it was true, a frustration that they both felt. That frustration was in every muscle of his body when he pulled her into his arms. As he’d done in the kitchen, he brushed a kiss on the top of her head. A kiss of comfort.

And it worked.

Ashlyn could practically feel some of the tension slide right out of her. Of course, the heat came in its place. No surprise there. She’d been dealing with it for much too long.

He pulled back just a little and looked down at her with those smoky gray eyes. They weren’t stormy now but had some of the same fire that she was certain was in her own.

“Yeah,” he said as if he’d known exactly what she was thinking—and feeling. “If we were still in high school, I would just coax you into taking a trip out to my truck. That won’t work this time, though.”

“No.” Since he could be dangerous. And also since sex should be the last thing on their minds. But Ashlyn wanted to make this moment a little lighter than spelling out those reminders. “Because we’re sensible adults now.”

The corner of his mouth lifted, causing a dimple to flash in his cheek. Yes, a dimple. It was another weapon in the arsenal of Eli Slater, hot cowboy. But the smile didn’t last long.

“Soon, we’re going to have a brief talk about this,” Eli drawled, his voice all smoke and heat. “And then we’ll deal with it. I’ve got some ideas as to how we can do that.”

Now she smiled, and even though she figured it was a mistake, Ashlyn brushed her mouth over his. Again, not a full-fledged kiss, but it could have qualified as foreplay. Short foreplay.


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