Whoop…whooop…we made it….we made it!!!!!

It’s 2021….time to move on, learn from the past and bring all the positive vibes here and now!!!

So as always, BOOKADDICTMADNESS start with resolutions, yup always love to set new goals.


  • Read more suspense-thriller-mystery books.
  • Read more fantasy books.
  • Trying classics at least once.
  • Posting BlackDagger Brotherhood series by J.R.Ward, I’ve been buddy read this series with my bookbabe so I need to post it here, to show you guys how amazing this series is.
  • Posting books that I’ve read but didn’t have time to post it

Yup that’s about it, looks easy, but when lazy me strike, this could be a hard list to follow and I got distracted a lot with new books, so yeah we’ll see, but hopefully I can tackle this list this year.

Again…Happy New Year guys…Cheers for a brighter year, full of joy, happiness and healthiness and most important full of amazing books.




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